Protocol Coprocessor by FieldServer Technologies

The ProtoCessor Protocol Coprocessor includes FieldServer Firmware (FieldServer Protocol Engine), along with user selected protocols installed.

The ProtoCessor family of Protocol Coprocessors provides developers with a simple, rapid and cost effective method of adding one or more of the following highly complex, contemporary Serial protocols to existing and future embedded controllers.

The ProtoCessor Protocol Coprocessor uses the FieldServer Firmware (FieldServer Protocol Engine), to provide any of the following protocols.

    • Metasys N2
    • Modbus RTU
    • BACnet MSTP
    • DNP 3.0

Custom Protocols and protocols for many fire alarm panels, boiler controls, HVAC controls, etc

    • Opto-22
    • JBus
    • Allen Bradley DF1
    • GE-SNP

Applications for include Building Automation, Process Control, Remote Site Monitoring, Utility Monitoring and Control, Transportation and Materials Handling.

ProtoCessor Benefits

    • Increased Sales
    • Reduced Costs
    • Rapid Time-to-Market
    • Dramatically reduced NRE
    • Single Host Controller Interface
    • ProtoCessor module can be supplied as a “Field Install” option
    • Easy to Field-Update
    • Plug-and-Play
    • Minimal Impact to Application Hardware and Software design
    • Clear division of “Application” versus “Communication Protocol” code responsibility
    • High Performance CPU, MAC, Phy all included in the ProtoCessor
    • Compliancy “built-in”
    • No need to develop and maintain in-house protocol support services
    • Simplification of FCC and UL requirements

ProtoCessor Features

    • Based on tried and tested, leading-edge, FieldServer Technologies’ “FieldServer Protocol Engine” (FPE).
    • Continued access to FieldServer Technologies growing protocol library is assured
    • FieldServer Technologies is the only truly multiple-protocol vendor.
    • FieldServer Technologies provides development services to engineer FieldServer ProtoCessors into customer application if desired
    • Technical training available four times per year
    • User training available four times per year
    • Technical (development) support available
    • Site Commissioning support is available for end users
    • Rapid Development Kit contains everything (but a PC) required to get up and running
    • Fastest protocol device available
    • Easy to use
    • ProtoCessor is configurable via configuration file (no programming required) for expert users
    • 10s to 1000s of points of data

Current ProtoCessors and accessories available include:

    • ProtoCessor for Ethernet applications
    • ProtoCessor for Serial (RS-232 or RS-485) applications
    • Modbus TCP
    • Upgrade to Digi Connect ME Device Server
    • Rapid Development Kit